Reda Monsef

Reda Abd-ElMonsef is a practicing Learning, development, and performance expert with 16+ years of experience specializing in retail and community pharmacy sectors.

Reda had the opportunity to work in the market-leading retail pharmacy organizations in GCC and MENA. He held several operations managerial for different retail operations functions.


After being graduated as a pharmacist in 2004, he started his career in Egypt as a pharmacist, then senior pharmacist in one of the leading pharmacy chains (El- Ezaby Pharmacies). Later in 2010, he moved to Nahdi, the market-leading pharmacy chain in MENA & GCC, in Saudi Arabia where he practiced retail and community pharmacy as a store manager till 2013.

Reda started his professional training and development career in 2012 till then. Started as a training specialist, training supervisor until he became a regional training manager for (Makkah-Madinah) regions where he managed the design of the learning and development projects conducted in Nahdi like the Medication adherence project.



Professionally, Reda has been a Certified Professional and Learning Professional since 2017, by the American Society of Training and Development (now known as Association of Talent Development ATD), the world's top professional organization in the training industry.

Reda was also Certified as a professional project manager from the project management institute, the world's top professional organization in project management.


Reda enjoys introducing people to retail and retail pharmacy environments as well as sharing new tips and techniques with those already familiar with the retail business. You can contact Reda through his LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

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Category Management Essentials G9
Category Management Essentials G9
Retail Sales Operations Management G6
Retail Sales Operations Management G6
Category Management Essentials
Category Management Essentials


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