Amr Zaghloul

Amr Zaghloul is a practicing Learning, development, and performance expert with 22+ years of experience specializing in retail and community pharmacy sectors.

Zaghloul worked in Nahdi the market-leading retail pharmacy organization in GCC and MENA as the head of digital learning. He is the founder of the eLearning section in Nahdi. Zaghloul trained more than 1200 pharmacists and qualify them to meet the Nahdi requirements in terms of Health & Wellness and Beauty Care knowledge. He was responsible for selecting the best candidates for Nahdi, and he conducted the scientific e-exam for more than 15000 pharmacists from 2012 till 2021.


After being graduated as a pharmacist in 1999, he started his career in Egypt as a pharmacist in Ophthalmology Hospital in Mansoura. Later in 2001, he moved to Nahdi, the market-leading pharmacy chain in MENA & GCC, in Saudi Arabia where he practiced retail and community pharmacy as a store manager till 2010.

Zaghloul started his professional training and development career in 2010 till then. Started as a training specialist, training supervisor, eLearning manager until he became the Head of the “Digital Learning Section” for Nahdi where he managed the eLearning and social learning projects conducted in Nahdi. During his Job, he managed the eLearning programs for more than 4500 pharmacists and 2200 employees in different Nahdi departments, also he established the Nahdi eLearning club which prepared more than 220 pharmacists to be able to design and develop eLearning courses according to SCORM criteria.

Based in Egypt, Amr is currently the Head of Digital in Retailo, a company that specializes in providing retail learning and performance solutions. Retailo is the professional body powering Retail Pharmacy Academy and Retailo Academy.


In 2015, Dr. Amr Zaghloul got Master eLearning Certificate from (B Online Learning based in Australia)

During his 22 years work journey, he got many certificates in the field of training & development and performance improvement.


Zaghloul enjoys introducing people to retail and retail pharmacy environments as well as sharing new tips and techniques to those already familiar with retail business. You can contact Amr through his LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

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