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Retailers are evolving rapidly in the last 10 years. Moreover, competition is becoming tougher, operations are getting more complicated and customers are being more selective. Retailers need to cope effectively with these changes and build more organized profitable businesses.

Effective management of retail sales operations helps retailers maximize their profits and add more offerings. Besides, Effective management of sales operations helps create an engaging shopping experience for customers which will improve business objectives and build customer loyalty.

With this course, you will be introduced to retail sales operations management concepts and you will learn best practices, actionable solutions, tools, and techniques intentionally delivered for you to easily understand and implement in your own real-world.

Earning this Sales Operation Management certificate gives you easy access to tools you will put to great use in your work and to a great community of practitioners. Learners will have an opportunity to work on real-world experiences throughout the course.

Who Should Attend?

  • Pharmacists Seeking Career Promotion
  • Retail Sales Supervisors and Managers
  • Sales Operations Heads
  • Pharmacy/Store Managers
  • Call Centers and Contact Centers Managers, Supervisors, and agents.

What will you get?

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Sessions Worksheets
  • Assignments for Practice
  • Joining Our Community
  • Retail Pharmacy Account Discount Voucher

Course Topics

Discover a structured step-by-step process you can follow and apply immediately to your own sales operations management:

Step 1: Retailize Your thinking

Retailization is about putting customer experience at the core of all business decisions. In this step, you will identify retail contact points which create the customer experience. You will see how retail sales operations management contributes to building an engaging customer experience, positive retailer image, and enhanced business performance.

Step 2: Assess Your Sales Operations

Retail contact points you studied in the first step are controllable and under the scope of management of sales operations managers and supervisors. In this step, you will learn how to assess these retail contact points and evaluate the performance of your stores and business using a set of measures that will help you gain an insightful understating of the business and take proper business decisions.

Step 3: Plan Sales Operations

Retail sales operations is a double-sided weapon for retailers. On one side it reflects how this retailer is perceived as dependable by customers. On the other side, it has a dramatic impact on business financials, turnover, and profits. In this step, you will learn how to follow a systematic approach to build a comprehensive and balanced operations strategy and cascade it down to actionable real ground tactics and initiatives to meet your organizational objectives.

Step 4: Implement Your Plan

Now, it is the time to put the planned tactics and initiatives you set in the previous steps into action. You will enjoy the practical real-life approach by which you will learn these tactics and techniques.

Step 5: Lead Your Team

Sales operations managers and supervisors are day-to-day leaders. They achieve their objectives through their teams. That is why Effective leadership competencies are critical for the success of sales operations managers. In this step, you will learn how to fully engage your team and develop their competencies by adapting effective and practical leadership concepts and techniques.

Step 6: Review Your Progress

In this step, you will learn to monitor your progress using different monitoring and reporting tools and techniques. You will build effective dashboards that will help you keep your eyes on your progress and take the required corrective actions timely, specifically, and effectively.

Step 7: Improve your Processes

All operations, no matter how well managed, can be improved. That is why sales operations’ managers are judged by not only how they meet their objectives, but also by how they improve their performance and business processes. In this step, you will learn different improvement methodologies and techniques, and how to build effective sales operations manuals.

Step 8: Organize Your work

Sales operations daily work is overwhelming. To prove yourself and stay on top of things, you need to be organized. In this step, you will learn the different concepts, techniques, and tools to organize your work and calendar in a smart time-effective way that helps you do more with less effort and time. Besides, you will make use of technology and learn how to save time and effort using a different task management and collaboration tools and apps.


Finally, celebrate your success and don’t forget to join our community to enjoy chatting with other retailors.


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  • Ahmed Shabana

    Ahmed Shabana

    Work at Alnahdi Medical Company as A. Manager

    One of the best retail courses

  • mohamed esam

    mohamed esam

    Work at Khalefa pharmacies as operation director

    valuable course

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